Jan 28, 2010

RIP Laptop

LOL I totally jinxed it. I said in my last post how shot my laptop was. Well it fried. No laptop til tax return time. ((sigh)) lol. oh well, guess well have to find other things to do. My only hope is my uncle, hes going to try and get it fixed for us this weekend. :)

Jan 26, 2010

I really need to get my tooshie in gear!

Its been hard for me to post lately. Work has been, well work, and my laptop at home is close to being thrown out the window and/or buried lol. My wonderful son stepped on it, and it cracked in quite a few places. The screen itself is not cracked, but you cant close it and if you try to adjust the screen at all it falls back. So now its at our table with uncomfy chairs that I just cant sit at for longer then 5 minutes. Plus Im still falling asleep pretty early. Cant wait for tax time to get a Netbook! Any recc's in that dept?

Baby "Book" (as AJ has named her - docs are 85% sure its a "her", if it was a boy, his choice was "Finger". He still thinks there are TWO babies in there!) is doing pretty good, although she just is not letting mommy have a break. Last week I was at the doc with contractions. I finally got that under wraps and this morning I blacked out. ::Sigh::, my children are so impatient to meet their mommy and daddy! Im still not feeling 100% right today. Im hoping and praying I dont have to go to the hosp later, and even more so that I dont end up on bedrest (at all but especially) before the hubs goes back to work FT. Come on Spring! haha :) If I make it through the night (::good thoughts please!::) I have an appt at 830 tomo morning with Dr. E (high rish doc).

Im really REALLY going to try and post more. I have so many hopes and aspirations for this blog! LOL. I know Ive said it before, but I AM gonna try! And try to catch up with all of your comings and goings! Stay tuned for a giveaway within the next few days!