Apr 17, 2010


Im teasing you for tonight! Im pooped, but I will be posting a giveaway for new yogurt and a stop & shop gift card at some point this weekend! Stay tuned :)

Apr 6, 2010


So the last week-ish has been HELL on my pregnancy. I went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with thrush. On top of having what they think is gallstones. And you cant forget about my hemis that are non-stop bleeding basically. I want to wake up tomo and pretend none of it happened. LOL


I hope Diva is a bit more cooperative after shes born! LOL

Apr 2, 2010

I really need a new button!

Can anyone please please make one for meeeee? Ill name my child after you! LOL ok well maybe not really but I would be eternally grateful :-P

Apr 1, 2010


Happy Friday! (well, its Good Friday, so not happy, but Jesus did die for us, and Im sure he would like us to be happy :) )I cant wait until things settle down around here lol. Sooo Im out of work on bedrest. Not so horrible except the whole pay situation. Im waiting to see whats up with me getting disability. In te meantime, its all on hubs. lol.

Anywayyyy... this just started this week, so well see how I feel in another week or so lol. What else, hmmm.. diva is doing terrific! Im feeling good, just tired. But that would probably be that way if I wasnt pregnant :)

What are everyones Easter plans? Im with the rest of you in that its become so commercialized, andd no one (esp kids) really know the meaning of it anymore. Im just as guilty, but Im going to try and work on that! Ok im off to bed night night!