Sep 24, 2010

Free Money

So I was just told about this site, and I figured "what the heck?" I'll give it a shot. You get $50 for opening an account and bonuses. Sign up and check it out (you just cant take the money out just yet)

Sep 13, 2010

Things are back to normal around here..

Im in the process of a bloggie makeover. A great friend of mine is helping me out. Thank you to those that did email me with suggestions.

AJ (my big boy ::sniff::) is starting preschool on Wed. Where has the time gone. I feel like I was just pregnant with him. Last night he was taking a bath (its been showers lately) and my husband came out and asked me when AJ all of a sudden got so grown up. Its so true. I feel like I came back from having Jalyn and he aged tremendously. No sooner then we finished saying that, I hear AJ playing with his figures in the tub in different voices "the shark is coming swimmmm!" "mmm im going to EAT you!" haha. Boys will be boys I suppose.

He is super excited to start school. In fact, he asked me this morning if I thought there would be "hot girls" there. SMH. Too much!

Jalyns reflux has been getting a bit worse, so were keeping an eye on that. Hubs is busy busy with work. And I was laid off! Im looking for another position but in the meantime Im looking at it as a blessing in disguise. I get to stay home with my babies just a little bit longer!

Whats going on in YOUR world? Any giveaways or anything I should know about?! LOL

Enjoy your day everyone!


Trish over at won my business card giveaway! (she was also the only entry! come on people dont you like winning FREE stuff?!)

Stay tuned for more giveaways!

Sep 8, 2010

No one wants to enter?

I have my giveaway posted for free business cards! No one wants?!

Sep 3, 2010

You cant make this stuff up!

Lately it seems when I catch one break, I fall again lol. So you all know I had my gallbladder removed. I thought to myself, "ah, relief from the damned thing!" lol. Not so much. Shortly after my last post, I was admitted to the hospital for a WEEK (away from my newborn and big boy) with severe pancreatitis. The pain was horrible, but being away from my babies was worse. Never again do I wanna do that! Anyway, I finally recovered and came home, only to have to detox from the pain meds I have been on since April. That was worse then the pancreatitis!

Now all is (relativitly) back to normal. I have someone helping me with a new layout and button. I am starting homeschooling (pre-k) AJ on Monday. (ps any rec on websites, etc is much appreciated on that)). And Diva is doing great. All in all, things are quiet on my side of the world. Hubby and I even have a DATE night tomo! Woot!

How are all you doing? Ready for back to school yet?


Business cards? Mommy cards? Maybe you have an awesome blog you want to promote? Then this giveaway is for you! Thanks to the great peeps at UPrinting, I am hosting a giveaway for-wait for it-250 Die Cut Business Cards! Here are the details to the giveaway and the rules :)

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Good Luck!

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