Sep 3, 2010

You cant make this stuff up!

Lately it seems when I catch one break, I fall again lol. So you all know I had my gallbladder removed. I thought to myself, "ah, relief from the damned thing!" lol. Not so much. Shortly after my last post, I was admitted to the hospital for a WEEK (away from my newborn and big boy) with severe pancreatitis. The pain was horrible, but being away from my babies was worse. Never again do I wanna do that! Anyway, I finally recovered and came home, only to have to detox from the pain meds I have been on since April. That was worse then the pancreatitis!

Now all is (relativitly) back to normal. I have someone helping me with a new layout and button. I am starting homeschooling (pre-k) AJ on Monday. (ps any rec on websites, etc is much appreciated on that)). And Diva is doing great. All in all, things are quiet on my side of the world. Hubby and I even have a DATE night tomo! Woot!

How are all you doing? Ready for back to school yet?

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