Sep 13, 2010

Things are back to normal around here..

Im in the process of a bloggie makeover. A great friend of mine is helping me out. Thank you to those that did email me with suggestions.

AJ (my big boy ::sniff::) is starting preschool on Wed. Where has the time gone. I feel like I was just pregnant with him. Last night he was taking a bath (its been showers lately) and my husband came out and asked me when AJ all of a sudden got so grown up. Its so true. I feel like I came back from having Jalyn and he aged tremendously. No sooner then we finished saying that, I hear AJ playing with his figures in the tub in different voices "the shark is coming swimmmm!" "mmm im going to EAT you!" haha. Boys will be boys I suppose.

He is super excited to start school. In fact, he asked me this morning if I thought there would be "hot girls" there. SMH. Too much!

Jalyns reflux has been getting a bit worse, so were keeping an eye on that. Hubs is busy busy with work. And I was laid off! Im looking for another position but in the meantime Im looking at it as a blessing in disguise. I get to stay home with my babies just a little bit longer!

Whats going on in YOUR world? Any giveaways or anything I should know about?! LOL

Enjoy your day everyone!

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