Feb 23, 2010

The Evolution of Sharkboy

As mentioned in my previous post, we now refer to AJ as "Sharkboy". This started when one fine day "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl" was on tv. AJ was sooooo entrapped in this stupid movie he asked for it again and again. I searched high and low for it and could not find it anywhere. Lo and behold the library had a copy! So we borrowed it and he watched and watched and watched it over.andover.andoveragain. Now, he walks around as Sharkboy, and we cant refer to him any other way. Lord help me lol.

I guess there are worse things in life! LOL

Contractions. Yuck!

I am hurting today. Last night hubs and I watched a movie. Diva was kicking all around (probably freezing her toosh off, I had a slurpee an ice cream bar and a frozen fruit bar in the course of an hour) and everything was fine. Then I started getting some back pain and cramping. Nothing major, just uncomfy. Took a terbutaline, went to bed and slept like crap with the exception of my dream about Britney Spears (WTF pregnancy dreams?! lol). This am got up, got sharkboy (AJ) ready for pop-pop to pick him up and took a shower. Now, showers are becoming difficult for me. If Im in longer then 5 minutes I usually start feeling very weak and dizzy/lightheaded. I think its an issue with my blood pressure. Its normally low, and diva is making it lower through this pregnancy. I go see Dr. E tomo, so well see what she says. I have a feeling Im going to have to get some cardio tests done because sometimes when I have these issues I either start to or completely black out. Not good. ANYWAY, back to today. Once in the shower the pain got worse. Its contractions in my back and my belly. Im just trying to make it through today with lots of water and terb and go see Dr E. tomo. We shall see! In the meantime, wish me luck please. Im only 21 weeks and this diva needs to bake! (hopefully longer then her brother!)

Feb 22, 2010

My Bucket List (more to be added!)

So here is my "Bucket List". Well so far. I have lots that I want to do... I took some ideas from some of my favorite bloggers too :)

1- Go back to school
2- Have a third child (although I may change my mind after being a mommy of 2!)
3- Kiss hubs in the rain :)- DONE!
4- Buy our own house. With a bedroom for each of our babies, a wraparound porch with a rocking chair and swing and a princess room :) (You know those corner rooms that look like they belong in a castle.)
5- Make a scrapbook for each of my kids and one for hubs and me
6- Visit Australia
7- Visit Italy
8- Visit Hawaii
9- Visit Egypt
10-Drive cross country. (Though I dont think I could handle this, wed drive each other crazy haha)
11-Swim with dolphins
12-Go to Atlantis (in the Bahamas) and go through that water slide that goes through the shark tank (eek!)
13-Take the shark dive at the aquarium (bigger eek!)
14-Get into great shape!
15-See the Vatican

Thats all I got for now.. Ill be adding more. Link me to yours!

Im an idiot!

I deleted my button that Yaya made for me :( UGHHHH. Shes so busy with her adoption I dont want to ask her right now. Can anyone help me out with a button? Pwetty pweaaase? Ive tried to make my own but it didnt work out too well lol. So anyone, anyone?? lol

Thanks guys :)

And welcome to my new ff followers! Thanks!

**EDIT** Actually, if someone could totally help me redo my blog it would be awesome!

Feb 19, 2010

The Bucket List..

Ive decided to make a bucket list. You know, a list of things I want to do before I die. Im gonna get on mine, wont you join me? Link em up here!


For a new laptop. Any reccs? Trying to stay under $600 if poss. (Thank you IRS!) haha. So, the last 2-3 weeks has been hecticly hell lol. Hubs went into the ER on 1/31 with bad stomach/chest/back pains. Turns out it was his gall bladder. Well when he first went in they did an EKG and it came back a bit abnormal. So to be safe, they did a whole slew of tests to make sure that his heart was ok for surgery. That prolonged the visit and he finally got the surgery Tues night and was released Wed. All the while he couldnt eat, drink or even chew ice chips. I felt so bad and I was so worried about him. AJ kept thinking he was never coming home and all the while I was stuck working.

So Wed he gets out (of course in the middle of a HUGE winter storm with snow/ice etc etc. Hes fine all day Thurs and Fri. Fri night around 11pm he starts puking. This continues (without exaggeration) every 5 minutes until I FINALLY convince him he has GOT to go back to the ER at about 830 am. Turns out he has SEVERE pancreatitis. Tack on another 5 days in the hosp. When we first went in I was so stressed I was admitted myself for a few hours with contractions. Thank God its all over now and (knock wood) hes much better. ::PHEW::

So thats been my (so called) life. Im glad its all over and I have my hubby back. Who knew I'd miss him so much?? ;)