Feb 23, 2010

Contractions. Yuck!

I am hurting today. Last night hubs and I watched a movie. Diva was kicking all around (probably freezing her toosh off, I had a slurpee an ice cream bar and a frozen fruit bar in the course of an hour) and everything was fine. Then I started getting some back pain and cramping. Nothing major, just uncomfy. Took a terbutaline, went to bed and slept like crap with the exception of my dream about Britney Spears (WTF pregnancy dreams?! lol). This am got up, got sharkboy (AJ) ready for pop-pop to pick him up and took a shower. Now, showers are becoming difficult for me. If Im in longer then 5 minutes I usually start feeling very weak and dizzy/lightheaded. I think its an issue with my blood pressure. Its normally low, and diva is making it lower through this pregnancy. I go see Dr. E tomo, so well see what she says. I have a feeling Im going to have to get some cardio tests done because sometimes when I have these issues I either start to or completely black out. Not good. ANYWAY, back to today. Once in the shower the pain got worse. Its contractions in my back and my belly. Im just trying to make it through today with lots of water and terb and go see Dr E. tomo. We shall see! In the meantime, wish me luck please. Im only 21 weeks and this diva needs to bake! (hopefully longer then her brother!)

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  1. Still making rounds from Friday Follow!

    I'm so glad I found your blog. I hope you're feeling better and find out soon what is going on! Sending you lots of good thoughts. :)