Feb 19, 2010


For a new laptop. Any reccs? Trying to stay under $600 if poss. (Thank you IRS!) haha. So, the last 2-3 weeks has been hecticly hell lol. Hubs went into the ER on 1/31 with bad stomach/chest/back pains. Turns out it was his gall bladder. Well when he first went in they did an EKG and it came back a bit abnormal. So to be safe, they did a whole slew of tests to make sure that his heart was ok for surgery. That prolonged the visit and he finally got the surgery Tues night and was released Wed. All the while he couldnt eat, drink or even chew ice chips. I felt so bad and I was so worried about him. AJ kept thinking he was never coming home and all the while I was stuck working.

So Wed he gets out (of course in the middle of a HUGE winter storm with snow/ice etc etc. Hes fine all day Thurs and Fri. Fri night around 11pm he starts puking. This continues (without exaggeration) every 5 minutes until I FINALLY convince him he has GOT to go back to the ER at about 830 am. Turns out he has SEVERE pancreatitis. Tack on another 5 days in the hosp. When we first went in I was so stressed I was admitted myself for a few hours with contractions. Thank God its all over now and (knock wood) hes much better. ::PHEW::

So thats been my (so called) life. Im glad its all over and I have my hubby back. Who knew I'd miss him so much?? ;)


  1. OH MY..been there done this when I was 22 yrs old with two babies. Apparently, having children close together reaks havoc on a gall bladder. No matter what the reason..it was horrible. I am praying for your hubby and for you. So sorry you are having to deal with this right now.
    As for a laptop, I have a Toshiba, but we just got a great one for my son. It is a gateway and HG Greg had it for $500. It does everything mine does. We have had it since xmas and have not had any issues.
    Hugs, andrea

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  3. Just did the hubby in the ER with gallstones this week myself.
    Lovely isn't it? ;)

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  4. Catching up with some Friday Follows - nice to meet you.

    I got a Dell Inspiron from Staples awhile ago - 4GB memory 500GB hard drive and webcam for $500. The touchpad is annoying but otherwise I like it. Good luck -

    Would you follow me back? Email subscription would be appreciated too, if you are so inclined.

    Kelly www.kellysluckyyou.blogspot.com

  5. awwww...i recommend a dell too! they are lovely!!!

    have a good day!

    stay positive!!