Feb 22, 2010

My Bucket List (more to be added!)

So here is my "Bucket List". Well so far. I have lots that I want to do... I took some ideas from some of my favorite bloggers too :)

1- Go back to school
2- Have a third child (although I may change my mind after being a mommy of 2!)
3- Kiss hubs in the rain :)- DONE!
4- Buy our own house. With a bedroom for each of our babies, a wraparound porch with a rocking chair and swing and a princess room :) (You know those corner rooms that look like they belong in a castle.)
5- Make a scrapbook for each of my kids and one for hubs and me
6- Visit Australia
7- Visit Italy
8- Visit Hawaii
9- Visit Egypt
10-Drive cross country. (Though I dont think I could handle this, wed drive each other crazy haha)
11-Swim with dolphins
12-Go to Atlantis (in the Bahamas) and go through that water slide that goes through the shark tank (eek!)
13-Take the shark dive at the aquarium (bigger eek!)
14-Get into great shape!
15-See the Vatican

Thats all I got for now.. Ill be adding more. Link me to yours!


  1. The Atlantis resort does look amazing... it's so expensive! We haven't been there yet, either.

    Great list of goals!