May 17, 2009


I suck! Ive already been slacking on this haha. Well, to my defense, I had no computer this week. So there, thats my excuse. Today we had Kylie's Christening. I went shopping for her the other day and boy did it give me baby fever! Hahaha. Little girls have the cutest clothes! I bought her like 5 dresses, a little pair of sandals and some hairbows. Toooo freaking cute. But now I want one haha.

Hmm what else. AJ is getting so big and smart, its really amazing me. When you talk to him its like your talking to a little adult. The other day we were all sitting at the dinner table, and I said "smells like somebody did poops!" well, with the most serious face ever, he looked around and said "maahmaaww" (Grandma). We were all CRYING we were laughing so hard hahaha. Then he got mad at us for laughing and said "dat not funny" lol. Little jerk :)

So a week from Monday is mine and Jay's ONE YEAR wedding anniversary. I cant believe its been a year already! I thank God we made it through without any (major) problems. We have a friend who is in the process of getting divorced, and the whole custody thing is heartbreaking. I dont see how someone could use a child as leverage. I guess there are just some crazy people out there. Oh well. As for our anniversary weekend, we are probably going to bring AJ to the air show at Jones Beach. Ive gone every year except last cause (duh) we were getting married. I think AJ will really love it though. Other then that, we probably wont do much. Ill be lucky if Jay remembers lol.

Ok well its now 1:30 am, and I am shot. Tomo I have Jess Straub's baby shower, then cleaning/laundry. So I am off! Nighty Night!

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