Sep 10, 2009


Ok, so yest I had a doc appt and I had to be weighed. Im so ashamed to admit, I am 162 lbs. :( Pre-AJ I was 125(ish) and the day I had him I was 149. Yucks. I have GOT to get healthy. Gotta lose this weight. My pants are getting tight and I am feeling YUCK. Sooo I need some tips people, what do YOU do to lose weight? Whats the secret? How in the hell do I get rid of this "baby weight"?

Ive been reading the blog about baby Maddie the past few days. God I cant imagine losing my child EVER, let along at such a young age. The blog can be found at I encourage EVERYONE to read it, although its sad, it helps to remember just how LUCKY and BLESSED you are. I know it made me hug AJ just a little tighter.

On a happier note, our good friends Gina & Dave are expecting their first little bundle in April. They have been trying for awhile and she just shared the news today! I am so happy for them, they are going to make GREAT parents. I cant wait til we have #2. I have some serious baby fever with all of these pregnancies and new babies coming around. Well see I suppose. Whats new with all of you out there? Brags, gripes etc?

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