Sep 16, 2009

Its funny..

While on a friends facebook page a few minutes ago, they had a pcture of them with an ex of mine at said ex's wedding. I had no idea this person was married, or hell, even engaged. While looking through the pics from the wedding, a wave of jealousy came over me. Strange, cause I have no feelings whatsoever for the guy, and I am happy that I am married to Jay. So why the jealousy? Weird.

TX is in ONE WEEK! I am so super excited for a vacation. Were going to have a blast and I cannot WAIT. I need a vaca badly. Plus I get to meet Vic! Double woot! Haha. Im in a funk lately. I sit here and say/type about how Im psyched, I am GONNA lose weight, GONNA get healthy. And then I do nothing. I refuse to let myself keep gaining weight. Its getting unhealthy and I dont want to be unhealthy. So give me some tips fellow blog readers! What little things do YOU do to lose weight/get in shape. Maybe you have a 10 min excercise you swear by. Some filling low cal snacks. Whatever. Share!

Tonight at dinner we said grace with AJ. It was his first time and he repeated it so good. I really need to make more of an effort to get back to church. Gods blessed us numerous times and I need to show my thanks for it more often. With that, Im gonna go catch up on some blogs, and then drift to dreamland. Night!

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