Aug 18, 2010

Jalyn Louise

Jalyn Louise was brought into this world on Monday, June 14, 2010. Just like her big brother, my labor started days before. Saturday, I was having some pretty bad contractions, about 2 minutes apart each. I finally decided to go into the hospital. Well when I got there, they were indeed pretty intense, and very close together, so they admitted me. I was dialated to almost 2cm. I was given 3 doses of Turbutaline (side note: anyone here ever given that stuff? My God, it feels like what I can only imagine it feels like when you smoke crack. I was tweaking all over the place. Horrible drug. Anyway back to my story...) So the turb wasnt working. They also gave me some Demoral, to help with the pain (side note on that, GREAT drug hahaha). Anyway, nothing was stopping the contractions, but since I wasnt progressing dialation wise, I was told I would have an amnio on Monday. I tried going to sleep, but since my contractions were so intense, I had a hard time. I was getting pain meds every 4 hours, so I barely knew my name. In the middle of the night, the nurse came in and asked me if I was ok, my contractiosn were really picking up. I told her I was so loopy I didnt even know. So she went and got the resident, who well call Doctor Deet, cause I (and my pregnant sister also agreed) felt like she should have been walking around saying "deet da deet" lol. Resident hand raped me again and said I was not progressing. I went to sleep.

Sunday came and went with much of the same situation. Monday morning, they came and got me and told me I was going for my amnio. I was scared out of my mind. Heres a fun fact: Im PETRIFIED of needles. I have horrible veins so basically EVERYTIME I have to give blood they can never get me on the first stick and I end up with a huge bruise and pain. Now I know for an Amnio you dont need to find a vein, but its a HUGGGEEE motherlovin needle! No thank you! So I get down to my high risk doctor, dr e, and I express my fears. She calms me down a bit and says shes going to do an exam. As soon as she puts the U/S probe on me she asks me if my contractions had been that intense all along. Indeed I tell her. She tells me how this will make the amnio harder to do. Great! \sarcasm. lol. So she does the good ol hand rape. She tells me Im 3 1/2 now. She doesnt feel comfortable doing the amnio, because even if Diva's lungs are not mature enough, this labor is progressing too quickly anyway. ::phew:: for no big needles, but EEK for labor. She calls Dr P and explains the situation. Turns out Dr Deet never told him I was dialated at ALL! He would have come and done the section on Sat!

Monday around 8:45 I am wheeled into the OR. 9:12 Jalyn Louise was born, weighing in at 6lbs 5oz. 19 inches. PERFECT :)

She went to the regular nursery, however after about an hour there, the neonatal doc wasnt pleased with her lungs, they sounded a bit gurgly. So off to the NICU she went. She only had to stay a week and it was mostly for observation. Now she is home and doing (mostly) perfect! Last week she was admitted for a bad stomach bug which ended up dehydrating her. It was horrible. 4 long days in the Pediatric Unit. Im SO glad its over. Anyway, thats her story!

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