Apr 21, 2009

My goals for 2009

1- Find God (on the corner of First and Amistad lol I had to). Surrender to the fact that he is the supreme being, and with him all things are possible. God never hands us things he knows we cant take.

2- Lose weight! I want to drop at least 10 lbs by July, and be back to my prepregnancy weight by 2010. I also want to be toned/healthy. Start weight (cant believe Im posting this!): 160 lbs. Ideal weight: 125

3-Become a better wife/housewife. I tend to put off cleaning as long as possible. Then when it gets really bad, or we have company coming over, I take 2+ hours to clean everything. My laundry piles up so that there are 5 loads to do at a time. And I NEVER cook. I want to get better at all of those things/

4- Do more with AJ. The fortunate part to being taken off of a 5 day work week is that I get a day off with AJ. I usually have lots of running around to do those days, or I get lazy and dont do much. I want to get out, especially since the weather is getting nice now, and take him to activities.

5- Work on my marriage. People say that the first year is the toughest, and boy were they right! This year the Lord has put us through lots of challenges, and we are going through a very tough spot. I want us to get back to the way we were. I want us to all be happy. And most of all, I want to let go of the past.

Thanks for reading guys!

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