Apr 23, 2009


Im exhausted. Im not really sure why, I fell asleep fairly early last night. Its gorgeous out today. Im thinking (as long as it stays semi warm) that AJ and I will go for a walk. Or maybe well take a ride over to daddys softball game in Kings Park and play on the playground. Maybe I'll even start my project 365 tonight! Sooo anyway, does anyone even read this? LOL or am I talking to no one??? HEEELLLLLOOOOO?

Ok so anyway, Im sooo relieved, I went for AJ's recertification for his health insurance yesterday and I am FINALLY done! woot! I was getting so tired of going there. Then I got my car inspected and relaxed the rest of the day. Next Wed, I have NOTHING to do! I cant wait. Ok, Im off for now.

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