Nov 2, 2009

Im stuck!

At 30 followers! Remember Im going to have the giveaway when I reach 50, so spread the word! Also, what do you guys think about another blog party? Want me to do another? Thoughts?

How was everyones Halloween? Ours was busy but fun, Im going to try and post some pics later. Lets see your kids (or yours!) costumes. Parties? Post it!


  1. I would just relax! When I started out it felt like I was at 26 followers forever!!! Just update regularly and don't sweat it. your followers will increase. oh yeah, and don't forget to p;imp your blog out to SITS! The secret is in the sauce! Works every time. I have a SITS button on my page if you are wondering where the website is.
    (Psst. I now have 92 sweat right?)
    You'll be fine...Great blog thus far.

  2. Here's my 2 cents: The followers will come. I felt the same way when I started out, too. It is good to have 30 followers and build a relationship with them. (Reading their posts, commenting, etc.) When you get too many, it is very hard to keep up with everyone.

    Also, when you start to follow someone, be sure to let them know in the comments. Many people don't realize unless you tell them. Usually, you will get a return.

  3. Good point! Thanks :) i was just being a baby haha

  4. Don't worry about the followers! We only have three :( But, we are getting more and more profile views because of SITS.

    And I would love another blog party! I thought it was fun :)

  5. Well, now you have 31! I saw you mentioned somewhere along my blog hopping path and here I am. I'm addicted to blog reading!

  6. Follower #32 ;) Have a great weekend!