Nov 30, 2009

Its been too looooonnngg!

Im sorry it has just been INSANITY at home. AJ had a virus (orginally thought to be Swine Flu ::phew:: it wasnt), been working, the Thanksgiving, etc etc. Buuuut everything is GOOD! Lil bean is baking well (yay!) and other then some exhaustion and nausea (no puking woot!) Im feeling good. I had a HORRIBLE experience at the high risk doctor. I left there in hysterics and thank GOD my ob switched me. Two of the more bigger problems I had there were 1) They wanted to see me ONCE in 8 weeks. Normal, healthy pregnant women are seen more often then that by a regular OB. I was seen every 2 weeks+ with AJ. 2) When I asked for an ulrasound pic (yea, I had to ask!) I was told they didnt print one since I didnt ask on the table (SMH) and that "its just a little grain of rice, no biggie". Um, excuse me? **DISCLAIMER I AM ABOUT TO CURSE LOL** What the FUCK? That "grain of rice" is my child you dumb FUCKFACE! Ugh. Frustration at its greatest.

So anyway, I know some of you lovelies have given me awards and Im sorry I havent gotten to them, but I promise to try and catch up with everything this week! Please bear with me! My old prime blog writing time has been late night but I havent been making it that long! So again, thanks for the patience and I will post more soon! Keep an eye out for the Frugal Christmas post coming soon! (I hope haha) Get me your ideas and I will post them here! (email is if you want to send it there!) Love you all!


  1. Hope and pray things go better with the new doctor.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. I'm glad you're feeling well and that you are getting a new doctor.

  3. What are these people was a "grain of rice." That is ridiculous and insensitive. I had to ask for photos too. UGH! Looking forward to the Frugal Christmas I will follow along!

    Holly @ 504 Main

  4. I can't believe somebody was that insensitive! I definitely wouldn't be going back. But congratulations on everything going good so far :)