Nov 30, 2009

Its been too looooonnngg!

Im sorry it has just been INSANITY at home. AJ had a virus (orginally thought to be Swine Flu ::phew:: it wasnt), been working, the Thanksgiving, etc etc. Buuuut everything is GOOD! Lil bean is baking well (yay!) and other then some exhaustion and nausea (no puking woot!) Im feeling good. I had a HORRIBLE experience at the high risk doctor. I left there in hysterics and thank GOD my ob switched me. Two of the more bigger problems I had there were 1) They wanted to see me ONCE in 8 weeks. Normal, healthy pregnant women are seen more often then that by a regular OB. I was seen every 2 weeks+ with AJ. 2) When I asked for an ulrasound pic (yea, I had to ask!) I was told they didnt print one since I didnt ask on the table (SMH) and that "its just a little grain of rice, no biggie". Um, excuse me? **DISCLAIMER I AM ABOUT TO CURSE LOL** What the FUCK? That "grain of rice" is my child you dumb FUCKFACE! Ugh. Frustration at its greatest.

So anyway, I know some of you lovelies have given me awards and Im sorry I havent gotten to them, but I promise to try and catch up with everything this week! Please bear with me! My old prime blog writing time has been late night but I havent been making it that long! So again, thanks for the patience and I will post more soon! Keep an eye out for the Frugal Christmas post coming soon! (I hope haha) Get me your ideas and I will post them here! (email is if you want to send it there!) Love you all!

Nov 12, 2009

New Sponser!

UPrinting is now a sponser of Coo-Coo's Ca-Choo! Yay! Cant wait to find out more about their wonderful line of products!

If you would like me to review a product, let me know, I'd be more then happy!

Nov 10, 2009

Big announcement!

Ok, so I was all set to write up those posts I promised you on Sunday (?). Then I realized I was a little "off". Hmm. Couldnt be? Well yep! Its true, we are EXPECTING BABY #2! Yayyy! Im not "officially" announcing it until after my doctor appt tomo, but from my calculations, Im about 5ish weeks. So PLEASE prayers for a SMOOTHER pregnancy then AJ's. And no preemie!

Ok so, how have all of you been? Whats new in YOUR lives?

Im WAY behind in my "gratitude challenge". I need to do posts 15-21 eek! Bear with me. This pregnancy is already different then AJs in the aspect of ZERO energy and some nausea bouts lol. So here we go:

Day15:Take the time to focus on yourself. Appreciate and give thanks for your unique personality, skills and talents.

Day16:Stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and focus on at least five things that you love about yourself. Write them down in your journal.
This one is a bit hard. How often do we think were a little too fat, skinny, pale, etc. Ok so my 5 things. Hmm. I love my eyes. I always have. They change color and are enticing (lol). I love my nails. I always bite them, but I have been doing good lately and they look GREAT. (I guess my hormoes kicking in). I love my belly. A week ago I wouldve never said that, but now that I know I have a lil baby in there I do :). Im going to cheat and say #4 is my engagement ring. When hubs & I got engaged, he gave me a ring with a little over a carot diamond. Its over 100 years old. His great great great grandmas. And its sparkly haha. (Like a vampire woot!) Last is my tattoos. I have two (Ill post pics someday haha). One of a cross with angel wings on my lower back which I got in memory of lost loved ones. The other is on my right shoulder of AJs footprint with "Aaron" over it. I love them :)

Day17:Write about something you feel grateful for in your life today.
I am grateful that I am able to conceive a child. As Ive mentioned before, I was told I would not be able to. And here I am! Also, there are so many unfortunate women who cannot. My heart aches for them <3

Day18:For the past three days, you have focused on appreciating what makes you unique. Write about all the things that make you so lovable. Take a moment to appreciate your personal style, talents and charm.
I am a caring, devoted, honest, loveable, trustworthy, giving, dedicated mother, wife, sister, daughter.

Day19:Have confidence in the all the choices you have made today and be grateful for being able to believe in yourself.

Day20:As The Challenge winds down, write a thank you note to yourself. Thank yourself for taking the time to stop and focus on all the little things for which you feel grateful.
Thank you, (me!) for doing this challenge. Give your(my)self a hug and be proud (even though it took me a little longer!)

Day21:Reflect on the 21 days of The Gratitude Challenge and what this process has meant to you.
Ive learned to smile more, thank God for more, and love. Love is all you need :)

Nov 8, 2009

ER visit, Christmas & more...

Ok so this week was filled with-HECTICNESS! Hubs had a hospital scare (hes ok now but it drained me like woah. Im trying to play catchup now, but in the meantime, I have a challenge for YOU! I am putting together a "Cheap or Free Christmas Gift Guide". You know, cookie in a jar mix etc etc. I want your ideas. Post them here and I will link back to your blog when I publish my list this week! Lets hear those ideas!

Also, Im putting together a giveaway. I was hoping to do this when I reached 50 followers, but Im feeling generous. Stay tuned for that as well!

Im going to play catch up and read all of your blogs from this weekend. Post coming up later tonight after lil man goes to bed!!

Nov 2, 2009

Im stuck!

At 30 followers! Remember Im going to have the giveaway when I reach 50, so spread the word! Also, what do you guys think about another blog party? Want me to do another? Thoughts?

How was everyones Halloween? Ours was busy but fun, Im going to try and post some pics later. Lets see your kids (or yours!) costumes. Parties? Post it!

Catching up...

I was in such a rut last week I appoligize. There was alot going on, and between that and Halloween I was just insane! Im going to try and catch up today though! So here are my gratitude challenges days 11-14 :)

Day 11: Try to see the world through the eyes of a child. Think about the things you take for granted on a daily basis, and then express gratitude for everything down to the basic necessities that sustain your current life.

This one was actually harder then expected. Its sometimes hard to be grateful for the little things in life. Try it out though. Try seeing the world through the eyes of your (or a) child. Try being and caring like a child for one day. Im going to do this tonight!

Day 12: Pick three friends or family members you see regularly. View their actions and gestures through a positive lens,assuming their goodness and witnessing their best intentions.

Day 13: It’s been two weeks since you started The Gratitude Challenge. Write about how The Challenge has changed your perspective thus far.

I have learned to definately appreciate everything in life. Especially the little things. Ive learned to bite my tongue. To spend more time with AJ. To live life to the fullest :)

Day 14: Today, make the effort to live life with a positive outlook. Restrain from criticizing the people around you. Dare to see the glass half full. Listen more than you speak. Give freely of yourself. Practice kindness at every opportunity.

Love. :)

What are YOU grateful for today?