Oct 20, 2009

Blog Party!!!

**Sign up here! **

Ok so the blog party is a go! The response I have had has been great so Im going to do it! But I need your help! A couple things:

1- Where can I go to get a button for this? Is it something I can do?
2- I need you to blog about it! Post about this party so we can get as many people as possible! If this is a big hit, maybe Ill do it weekly, monthly, etc. But I need a big turnout!

So heres what I will do. I will open up signups tonight, at around 8pm (all dependdant on if the blue man is keeping AJ up again (more on that later)). To sign up, you can either email me (kristinsodaro@yahoo.com) or leave a comment on the post with your name, blog addy and if you would like your email address. Sign-ups will close Sat morning (lets say noonish). I will match everyone up and give you partners by Monday evening! Anyone else have any ideas?

Now go post about this and get moving!

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