Oct 20, 2009

TV Tuesdays! (May contain spoilers!)

Brandy over at The Buzz started TV Tuesdays and I thought I'd join in! Its especially cool because I like different shows then her so I can get her opinion and she can get mine (and so on). ANYWHOO, here's my lineup (may be edited at a later date cause I have about ZERO memory right now haha. So, here goes!

House. Anyone watch last night? Kind of an odd episode. Can you imagine everyone thinking your dead and starting an autopsy only to have you wake up? Holy lawsuit! hehe

90210 Ah, I know, Im 26 and watch this. Kill me. LOL. Its like a guilty pleasure really. I watched the original so how can I NOT watch the new season. I love it. Totally DVR it every week. (well now that Hells Kitchen is over I suppose I can just watch it!). Annie is getting annoying, and stalker boy freaks me OUT. Adrianna is an idiot who shoulda stayed with Navid, and she got what she deserved as far as Im concerned. Silver is my fave. (maybe she reminds me of myself? lol). I hope she doesnt get sucked into her moms drama.

Hells Kitchen I know this is over already but I am PISSED Dave won. Kevin was SO much better. Bla on him. I do give him Kudos for working through pain tho, I think thats what won it for him.

The Vampire Diaries Ahhh! My fave! This has subsided (cant say replaced) my Twilight obsession. I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW. Stefan-HOTTTYYYYY. Damons not so bad either. They shouldve made Stefan Edward instead. Cant say enough good things about this show. Check it out, for real! And how about the "Twilight" reference a few weeks back? Im a little heartbroken its a repeat this week :(

Ghost Whisperer Another fave. Been watching for years now. So glad Melinda got pregnant before Jim died. I seriously cried when he died. The show holds a dear place in my heart haha.

Ok enough for now! Whats your TV lineup??


  1. great thanks, hopefully more people can join the linky. I love house it's one of our fav. yeah holy cow that would hurt and I would have pee'd my pants if I was the one cutting him open when he screamed! Also I love hells kitchen, I thought the other guy should have won even the girl should ahve beat dave but he did work through the pain and that's impressive!

    see you soon!
    the Buzz, Brandy

  2. I love Ghost Whisperer. Sometimes the ghosts really freak me out though.