Oct 30, 2009

Man I need to vent...

Today is payday! Woot right? WRONG! Even AFTER getting paid I still dont have enough to cover bills, let alone anything extra for me. Ugh. When we were robbed last month, then we had vacation (3 days later) it REALLY put us in the hole. And Im really trying to crawl back out but man, its hard sometimes :(

Ok enough of my pity party Im sorry!!


Thank you so much for spreading the word about my blog! Im thinking of doing a little giveaway for when I reach 50 followers what do you think?! Great idea! Haha. Ok so here is what I will do. I will randomly pick 2 winners (ONCE I REACH 50 I WILL POST THE OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY) to receieve a design from me. What I do is custom invites, christmas cards, etc etc. I will email you the file and you can print it out at your local drugstore, etc. What does everyone think?

So go spread the word! Get me to 50 followers! Lets see if I can make it by Monday!

Meet Teresa!

Teresa over @
A Single Mom & a Teenage Girl was my person for this weeks blog party! What a sweetie she is :) Teresa lives in South Orange County, CA (lucky!) and raises her 15 year old daughter Holly. I love the style of both her blog and her writing, but what I cant write enough about is her kindness to strangers. Teresa started a website called Shop in your pjs for Laurren Through this site, Teresa donates almost her entire commission from her WAHM business, as well as others with WAHM businesses to helping pay medical costs for young Laurren. To read Laurrens story, Click Here.

What a wonderful person she is for doing this. I cant thank her enough (and its not even my daughter!). If you can, hop over to her site, and get some of your holiday shopping done!

Unfortunately, both mine and Teresas week has been hecticly insane, so I didn't get to interview her. Im sorry! But please, go hop over to her blogs and help out if you can!

Long Day... (gratitude challenge, etc in here too)

Today, a good friend of mine Dez lost her Granny (who raised her, was more like a mother to her). I cant imagine how she must feel and my heart truly aches for her. If you could all say a prayer for her I would much appreciate it. I had JUST written her a letter this morning. It was sitting on my desk when I found out the news. Sad. At least shes not in pain anymore. Ive gotten some of my friends together and we collected money to carry our Grannys dying wish to have a miriachi band play at her funeral. Dez was so happy she cried. Im glad we could do it for her!

Ok so my gratitude challenge. Day 8 was:Send thank you notes to five people who deserve a little recognition.

Well Granny was one of my five. I didnt send to anyone else. I will have to think of who to send them too. My mind is a little clouded.

Day 9 was: Enjoy the people around you. Take a moment to appreciate their unique talents, abilities and personalities.

This one was easy. I sat and really appreciated the little things people around me do. Its easy to forget sometimes, but I dare you to sit back, and quietly observe the people around you. Your spouse, children etc. Take time to enjoy the little things, because sometimes the little things are all you have to hold onto.

Day 10 states:Pick one of your five senses to focus on each day. Take note of how many gifts come to you via that single port of entry. Write about this experience.

Today Im going to use my sense of smell. MMMM. I came home to a pork roast and potato pancakes being cooked. Yum! My night was capped off with my sons stinky butt. Thats a gift isnt it? Man, that kids gas can CLEAR a room!!

OK! So.. the blog party is going GREAT! Im finishing the final things on my post, Im hoping to get it up tonight/early tomo am. The response was AWESOME, and Im getting even more feedback on it now! Im thinking of doing this maybe weekly? What do you all think? Yay/nay? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading, and remember, be grateful for the little things in life!

Nighty night!

Oct 29, 2009

I need a button!

Can someone make me one? PRetty pretty pleaseeeeee??

PS- If you have a button you would like me to post for YOUR site, email me!


Oct 28, 2009

The Gratitude Challenge, Days 6, 7 & 8 LOL

I know I know. Shush. Ive been crazy hectic. But Im catching up now!

Day 6 states: Take a few minutes to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Tell them how much you appreciate them.

I did this with my Grandma. Well, I talked to her. She is the only living grandparent between Jay & I. Luckily, she lives only about 10 min away (same house as my parents) and I get to see her quite often. Im glad. Im also glad that AJ gets to see her (GG) often as well :)

Day 7 states: Take a picture of one thing, person, place or specific moment that makes you feel grateful. Share it with your social network.

Im sure by this point you know what Im going to post about. Ok, maybe I wont say it for the millionth time in this challenge. Instead, one of my other best friends.. Wait for it....


wine glass Pictures, Images and Photos

There is NOTHING like a nice cold glass of white zin after a long day. In fact, even though its midnight, I might evenpour myself a glass now. Im off tomo, why not right? But yeah. Wine is the yums :) I love trying new wines. Feel free to send me some. hahaha. Ignore me, delirium is setting in!

Day 8 states: Send thank you notes to five people who deserve a little recognition.

Im going to do this tomo. Originally I thought I would just email people, but then I thought, how many people actually get real mail anymore? So thats what I will do tomo.

What are YOU grateful today? Id love to hear it :)

Oct 25, 2009

Here are your partners!

1 Brandy has Katy
2 diva has yaya
3 Lisa Anne has Cassie
4 Teresa has Terra
5 DiPaola Momma has me!
6 Katy has diva
7 Yaya has Brandy
8 Cassie has DiPaola
9 Terra has Lisa Anne
10 Kristin has Teresa

And here is everyones links :) Happy blogging! Please try and have your featured post done by Wed! I will try and contact you all as well to let you know your partners are posted! If this is a big hit and you still want to do it we can def do it again!


email is joyfulvoice@tmo.blackberry.net has

Lisa Anne

my email is teresalolvera@sbcglobal.net

DiPaola Momma
Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom DOT blogspot DOT com


Yaya at Yaya Stuff




The Gratitude Challenge, Day 5

First off, I know Im a day behind. I probably always will be haha! Anyway, the blog party signups are OVER. I will send everyone their partners sometime today/tomo am (were going pumpkin picking!). On to yesterdays Gratitude Challenge

Take five minutes to write about how grateful you are for all of the wonderful things that you currently have in your life. Don’t long for what you don’t possess—instead, take stock of all the blessings you already enjoy.

Ive said it almost every day of my challenge so far my main thing is AJ. Three months before he was born, I was told Id never have kids. I have him, and I couldnt thank God enough. Im grateful for Jay. For always putting up with me (and he would be the FIRST to tell you, thats not easy.) For my parents, my inlaws. The roof over my head and the food that keeps me fat, I mean full :) For every little thing in my life. My job. The computer. My true friends. Thank you God for everything. And Im sorry if I dont show my gratitude enough. Im working on it :)

Enjoy the day everyone!!!

Oct 23, 2009

The Gratitude Challenge day 4

Write a short message of thanks for some of the “negative” things in your life.

Hmm, this one could be tough.

I guess I would say I am grateful for all of the fights with Jay, because it makes us stronger as a couple. I am grateful for the times AJ is driving me insane, because he is healthy enough to do that. For his asking "why" a million times a day, because there are so many families with special needs children out there that long for their child to say "mama" or "dada", or something so simple. AJ speaks so well, and I lose sight of what could be too often. So instead of getting irritated about it from now on, Im going to (TRY LOL) and be a little more grateful :)

What negative thing are YOU grateful for today?


**Sign up here! **

If youve signed up but havent blogged about it, do it today! As of today I have:

Brandy @ The Buzz

diva @ emotional diva
email is joyfulvoice@tmo.blackberry.net

Lisa Anne

my email is teresalolvera@sbcglobal.net

DiPaola Momma
Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom DOT blogspot DOT com


Yaya at Yaya Stuff



http://heckofabunch.blogspot.com - Heck Of A Bunch

and of course me. So lets get some more people! If I missed you, please let me know! Spread the word!!!

The Gratitude Challenge, Day 3

Write about something you feel grateful for in your life today.

This one was easy. I know I have said it alot, but I am grateful for my family, specifically AJ. I found out I was pregnant 5/25/06 ( we were married exactly 2 years later!). The Febuary before that, I was told IF I got pregnant, I wouldnt carry. I proved them wrong! I always wanted a family, with as many kids as possible, and even if I could never have another, I have my one, perfect (sometimes) little miracle boy. Life is sweet :)

Oct 22, 2009

The Gratitude Challenge Day 2

I started this last night but was having such trouble doing it! LOL

Use the alphabet as a fun and quick format for making a list of things for which you feel grateful. Share this list
with your social network through email, a blog post or a Facebook or MySpace page.

A- Aaron, Autumn, Our apartment. That we can call our own.
B- Being a mommy, blogging, bedtime for AJ, baking
C- Chapstick, cooking (even though I dont do it much I DO enjoy it haha)
D- Days with family
E- Employment
F- Family, Facebook (to reconnect with some old friends :)), Farmtown (hahaha)
G- Groups, cause Ive met some of my very best friends there :),giggling
H- Home. Whether its my parents or mine.
I- The Internet (lol) Im a dork I know!
J- Jay
K- Kristin- thats me!
L- Laughter (esp AJ's), Love, Life, the Library (I love to read!)
M- Movie night with the hubby & AJ. Or just the hubby :), Motherhood, Marriage
N- New friends
O- Old friends
P- Parents, both mine and Jays, Photography
Q- Quiet time. Thought few and far between lol
R- Reading
S- Sleep
T- True Friends, TWILIGHT!
U- Undisturbed time
V- Vacation - even if its just a day off from work
W- Wednesdays - Im off, so its mommy & AJ day :), Warm clothes out of the dryer
X- Xmas (a bit of a cheat but X is hard!)
Y- You, for reading my blog :)
Z- Zebra's, specifically Marty from Madagasgar

Oct 21, 2009


Traylor Papers is offering free stationary and here's the deal:

"Send us an email to VIP@traylorpapers.com with your name and address and we'll send you a free customized card with your name. Tell us your favorite colors and/or style (i.e., whimsical, classic, girly ..., etc) and we will try to make you a match :) BONUS: post this offer on your blog or wall, send us a link, and we'll send you a few extra! Good thru 10/28/09!"

Woohoo :)

And thanks Emotional Diva

Oct 20, 2009

The Gratitude Challenge

Ive decided to accept The Gratitude Challenge to try and realize that no matter how bad things may seem, I AM grateful for things in my life. I tend to lose sight of all of the blessings in my life, and I thought this would help me to remember those things. Please join me, and if not, just check back!

Day 1 states "Today you start The Gratitude Challenge. Sign the contract and make a commitment to take note and give thanks for the next 21 days. Express why you accepted this challenge and what you hope to achieve from it."

With a hopeful outlook, I, Kristin (AKA Coo-Coo's Ca-Choo), promise to fulfill the terms of The Gratitude Challenge. Over the next 21 days, I pledge to complete the activities on my gratitude calendar, including writing journal entries, taking photos and connecting with friends. I promise to take note of life’s little blessings and to give thanks for the relationships, experiences and opportunities that make my life unique. From this day forward, I commit to living on the brighter side of life.


Kristin 10-20-09

TV Tuesdays! (May contain spoilers!)

Brandy over at The Buzz started TV Tuesdays and I thought I'd join in! Its especially cool because I like different shows then her so I can get her opinion and she can get mine (and so on). ANYWHOO, here's my lineup (may be edited at a later date cause I have about ZERO memory right now haha. So, here goes!

House. Anyone watch last night? Kind of an odd episode. Can you imagine everyone thinking your dead and starting an autopsy only to have you wake up? Holy lawsuit! hehe

90210 Ah, I know, Im 26 and watch this. Kill me. LOL. Its like a guilty pleasure really. I watched the original so how can I NOT watch the new season. I love it. Totally DVR it every week. (well now that Hells Kitchen is over I suppose I can just watch it!). Annie is getting annoying, and stalker boy freaks me OUT. Adrianna is an idiot who shoulda stayed with Navid, and she got what she deserved as far as Im concerned. Silver is my fave. (maybe she reminds me of myself? lol). I hope she doesnt get sucked into her moms drama.

Hells Kitchen I know this is over already but I am PISSED Dave won. Kevin was SO much better. Bla on him. I do give him Kudos for working through pain tho, I think thats what won it for him.

The Vampire Diaries Ahhh! My fave! This has subsided (cant say replaced) my Twilight obsession. I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW. Stefan-HOTTTYYYYY. Damons not so bad either. They shouldve made Stefan Edward instead. Cant say enough good things about this show. Check it out, for real! And how about the "Twilight" reference a few weeks back? Im a little heartbroken its a repeat this week :(

Ghost Whisperer Another fave. Been watching for years now. So glad Melinda got pregnant before Jim died. I seriously cried when he died. The show holds a dear place in my heart haha.

Ok enough for now! Whats your TV lineup??

Sign up here!

Let get this party starteddd! Here are the rules:


First off, please follow my blog!

1- If I get a button (any takers?) please repost it to your blog (at least for this week)
2- Make a post about the party! The more the merrier!
3- Signups close at 12 noon (eastern time) Saturday.
4- Leave a comment with your name, your blog addy and if you would like, your email. You can also email me this info (kristinsodaro@yahoo.com)
5- Once I close signups, I will start pairing you up. Each person will have one person. Feature this person on your blog. Interview them, post pics of them, whatever you want! Contact your person ASAP after I give them out so you can get posting!

Remember, the object of this party is to get to know fellow bloggers and get more traffic to your site! Let the sign ups begin!

Blog Party!!!

**Sign up here! **

Ok so the blog party is a go! The response I have had has been great so Im going to do it! But I need your help! A couple things:

1- Where can I go to get a button for this? Is it something I can do?
2- I need you to blog about it! Post about this party so we can get as many people as possible! If this is a big hit, maybe Ill do it weekly, monthly, etc. But I need a big turnout!

So heres what I will do. I will open up signups tonight, at around 8pm (all dependdant on if the blue man is keeping AJ up again (more on that later)). To sign up, you can either email me (kristinsodaro@yahoo.com) or leave a comment on the post with your name, blog addy and if you would like your email address. Sign-ups will close Sat morning (lets say noonish). I will match everyone up and give you partners by Monday evening! Anyone else have any ideas?

Now go post about this and get moving!

Ok blog world...

**UPDATE Sign up here!**

While working on my Harvest of Friends Blog Party yesterday, I came up with (what I think) is a great way to get some more traffic/followers to peoples blogs. Let me know what you all think.. Ill host a sign up. Bloggers will have lets say a few days to sign up. After the signup is complete, I will match everyone with someone else. Then you take your person, and feature them (maybe even do a small interview?) on your blog for the day. I think its a GREAT way to get people that might not normally check out your blog to do so. What does everyone think? Feedback!!

Oct 19, 2009

Harvest of Friends Blog Party :)

I've decided to join in on the Harvest of Friends Blog party! You should too! Hop over to Lynette at Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground It's a great way to promote your blog AND you can possibly win prizes! Join in! :)
So heres my contribution for the party.. 20 questions about ME!

1. What is your favorite thing to snack on while you're blogging? Hmm, I dont usually snack while blogging, but right now Im eating saltines LOL
2. What is one thing you wouldn't want to live without? Family. I dont know where Id be if it werent for my base of family (that includes my besties too)
3. Beach, Mountains or Farm? Where would you live if you had a choice? Hmm tough one. Beach is ideal for me cause of the warmth. However, Im not a huge beach-goer. Ideally a farm would be sweet but only if I didnt have to do the work that came along with it ;)
4. What's your least favorite chore/household duty? Folding laundry. ughh
5. Who do people say you remind them of? Used to be Shannon Dougherty. Now no one really
6. Prefer parties and socializing or staying at home with the fam? fam time absolutely
7. What's your all time favorite movie? Wizard of Oz
8. Do you sleep in your make up or remove it like a good girl every night? Sleep in it. AND my contacts
9. Do you have a hidden talent or a deep desire to learn something that you've never had a chance to learn? What is it? Play piano. Id love to learn.
10. What's one strange thing you're really good at? Ill get back to you on that.
11. What first attracted you to your spouse? His eyes. Still do :)
12. What is something you love to smell? Baked goods. Yum!
13. Tell something about you that you know irritates people. I can be annoying at times :-P
14. When you have extra money (HA!) what's the first thing you think to do with it? Something for AJ or to decorate the house with.
15. Are you a silent laugher or a loud laugher? What makes you laugh the hardest? laugh. and usually the hubs or AJ
16. Where is your favorite place to shop? Target.
17. What's one thing you'd do more often if you had more time? Sew/crafty things
18. Are you a big spender or frugal? I can be either. I tend to spend but I get AMAZING deals and rarely buy without some sort of a deal.
19. Who is your favorite character of all time (from a movie or book)? (Can't be real) Nemo (off the top of my head haha)
20. Would you want to be famous? Id like the money that comes from it but no, I dont think I would want to be famous.

Oct 18, 2009


Can everyone please try to leave me a comment? Im having issues with my comments. if you cant comment, pls just drop me an email at kristinsodaro@yahoo.com. also, if youre not following my blog, please do the same, try and if not let me know. Thanks!

Oct 16, 2009

Check out this giveaway!

Terra, one of my fave blogging mommies Terra over at Heck of a Bunch posted a giveaway today for 100 postcards from UPrinting I would use these for Christmas cards. Hope on over and enter to win! While youre there, follow her blog!

Oct 15, 2009

Review: Where the Wild Things Are

I was lucky enough to be invited to a pre-screening of Where the Wild Things Are with my gf Nicole last night. She had 2 tickets so after getting my father in law to watch AJ (Jay had dart league) I went out to a much needed "girl time" night. We got there early (so we thought) and the theatre was already packed. After finally finding seats (these people are vicious I tell you!), and not getting any snacks (they told us they werent allowing people in and out of the theatre lol. ANYWAY... before the movie started a preview came on for a new Sandra Bullock film called "The Blind Side". Looks like a great flick check out the previews here! (http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi402784793/)

Ok on to the review! The movie was..hmm.. strange. I loved the book as a child and it is one of AJ's current faves. However, I was a bit skeptical of children being scared of the "monsters" in the movie. They actually were not scarey at all! However, the plot, along with the 1 hour 40 min runtime, was a bit much for me and Nic, let alone the little kids. Overall, cute movie, but I wouldnt waste the $50 it costs for the movies nowadays to see it in theatre. Wait for Redbox instead ;)

Oct 14, 2009

Spread the word!

Get me followers! I have alot Im working on for this blog, and I need your help getting me followers! When I get to 50 followers, I will have a special giveaway! So stay tuned and tell your friends to come on over and follow!

All about us <3

Copied from The Monkey's Mama (http://monkeys-on-the-bed.blogspot.com/)

What are your middle names?
me: Marie him: Jason

How long have you been together? we started dating 9/12/05, and we joined hands in marriage on 5/25/08 <3

How long did you know each other before you started dating? haha one day ::blushes::

Who asked who out? he asked me out. we went to Hutleys (now known as Maxwells)

Who made the first move? he did. he played the whole "my locks on my car arent working" trick (lol love you baby!)

How old are each of you?me--26
him--the big 3-0

Did you go to the same school? nope

Are you from the same home town? nope.

Who is the smartest? well argue this yo the death, but we all know I am smarter!

Who majored in what? me-notgoingtoclassology and him: business admin

Who is the most sensitive?me, hands down.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? T-Bell. Were there at least twice a week (usually late nights haha)

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Is TX or FL further from NY (blonde moment!)

Who has the worst temper? Were both pretty bad. But probably me again :-X

How many children do you want? Hmm. toughie. wed love 4 but well have to see which way God leads us.

Who does the cooking? neither. he HATES my cooking. boo on him!

Who is more social? ding ding! one for my moomies.

Who is the neat-freak? me! im a bit OCD at times. others i let the house get to shambles..

Who is the most stubborn? that would be him!

Who wakes up earlier? me.

Who has the bigger family? were pretty even...

Do you get flowers often? no.. ::sigh::

How do you spend the holidays? holidays work out great. his fam is super early with everything and mine is super late. Perfect!

Who is more jealous? him.

How long did it take to get serious? pretty quickly. i mean, i was pregnant 9 mos after we met LOL

Who eats more? eek.. me :-X

What do you do for a living? me: sales asst at a stock brokerage. him: co-owner of a masonry company

Who does the laundry? me--though i don't fold it as promptly as i should (agreed monkeys mama!) Im ALWAYS getting yelled at for taking forever to fold.

Who’s better with the computer? me again!

Who drives when you are together? usually me

What is your song?
we have a few. "i will" by todd naff (youtube it, AH-MAZING) and Nicklebacks "So Far Away"

Lets hear about you and your hunny! Repost with your answers and comment back to me so I know to read it!

Oct 13, 2009

Blog Hop!

Here's to my first week of participation! This weeks topic -"anything that feels good". It can be a joke, an inspirational story, a photo, or whatever will makes you feel good. So heres mine :)

What feels good for me is when my son runs to me when I pick him up from daycare. The look of joy on his face is what I look forward to everyday :) Whats yours? Link me to your post!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Click here to enter your link in the blog hop and view the entire list of entered links...

Oct 9, 2009

Aloha Friday

Jackie @ ­ 3 Little Ones posts about "Aloha Fridays" and says, "From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response."

So I thought I'd participate. My answer for her question, "What about you, what do you miss most about being a kid?" was easy. I miss how things were so simple back then. Youd wake up, choke down some breakfast, and next thing you know, your friends are ringing the doorbell. Days were spent playing, not caring about time, food, money or stress. Stress? Whats that? Halloween, youd spend hours figuring out the best costume. Spend the whole day/night out trick or treating and shaving creaming things. If your friends called, and you weren't home-you weren't home! That was that. No cell phones. No cares in the world.
What do YOU miss most about your childhood?
And my own question for the week? If you could go back in time and change one thing about your past what would it be? I have to think about that one and get back to you!

Oct 6, 2009

Ok peeps...

Im revamping my blog. Starting tonight! Whore me out to your friends, get me some followers!
What are some things you blog about? You know, like "wordless wednesdays" or "thankful thursdays"? Give me ideas! And check back for my all new blog :)